Tarot Cards How To Read?

How to Read Tarot Cards

  • Method 1 Method 1 of 5: Get Familiar with The Tarot. Choose a deck of cards.
  • Method 2 Method 2 of 5: Play Around with the Basics. Pick a card-a-day.
  • Method 3 Method 3 of 5: Do a Simple Reading. Tell a story.
  • Method 4 Method 4 of 5: Do a More Complex Spread. Separate your cards.
  • Method 5 Method 5 of 5: Protect Your Deck. Store your deck properly.
  • From there, tarot readings generally follow a simple format:

    1. First, you need to ask the card deck a question. It should be clear and open-ended.
    2. Once you have the question in your mind, it’s time to shuffle.
    3. Pull your card(s).
    4. Once you’ve chosen your card or cards, lay them facedown in your spread.

    How do you practice reading tarot cards?

    Practice by reading cards for situations you read about in the press or on TV. Pick a random card each day and see how you can connect it to your daily trials and tribulations, triumphs and joys. Read for friends by all means but emphasize that it is for fun and practice. Don’t try serious readings until you feel competent.

    What is the Tarot?

    The Tarot is an ancient and complex system of symbols and esoteric knowledge in a deck of 78 cards. If you are new to learning Tarot cards, this 3-step guide will help you get started!

    What is the history of tarot reading?

    First, a bit of history—Tarot got its start as a card game in the 15th century. So while it may seem like reading cards is an ancient practice, the use of Tarot for divination really came into its own in the 18th century.

    Is it possible to read tarot cards accurately?

    Answer: That depends if the person doing the reading is able to interpret the cards accurately. Reading cards, whether playing cards or tarot cards demands a certain level of skill and intuition. They have to balance the question with the circumstances, the seeker (the person asking the question) and the cards themselves.

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    Can you read your own tarot cards?

    The short answer is YES! It is totally OK to read Tarot for yourself. In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that reading Tarot for yourself is even more valuable and more impactful than having your Tarot cards read for you by a professional.

    What should I know before reading tarot cards?

    6 Tarot Tips Every Beginner Reader Needs to Know

  • For starters, use a deck you like.
  • Find a way to make the cards uniquely yours.
  • Breathe.
  • Learn the cards’ meanings, but leave room for your own interpretations.
  • Learn a simple spread, and go from there.
  • Read for yourself before reading for anyone else.
  • How do beginners use tarot cards?

    How to Get Started:

    1. Open your tarot box.
    2. Hold the cards in your hand.
    3. While still holding the cards in your hand, “knock” or tap the pile of cards several times to spread your energy into the deck.
    4. Give the cards a thorough shuffle.
    5. Cut the cards into three piles and then put them into one pile again.

    What’s the difference between tarot and angel cards?

    Angel Cards can either come in the format of Tarot cards or as Oracle cards. In most Angel card decks, each card comes with a specific message. When used in Tarot, they will have a particular message, plus the original meaning of the Tarot card along with it, creating a more complex reading experience.

    How can I practice tarot cards?

    11 Tarot Practice Exercises for Beginners

    1. Choose your deck intuitively.
    2. Do a daily draw.
    3. Make personal connections with each card.
    4. Find relations in the court cards.
    5. Compare the same card from different decks.
    6. Learn 3 keywords for each card.
    7. Positive/negative exercise.
    8. Learn the fool’s journey.
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    What kind of questions do you ask tarot cards?

    The best types of questions to ask in tarot readings

    1. Open-ended questions. Open-ended questions are the best type of questions to ask in tarot readings, Fortunaso says.
    2. General questions.
    3. Clarifying questions.

    Is it hard to learn tarot cards?

    Reading tarot cards at first can seem time consuming or overwhelming, but Banicki said you have to remember to have fun while learning. ‘Have a little fun with friends,’ she told INSIDER. ‘Before going out one night, pull three cards with the intention of the cards giving you some forewarning about the evening.

    What is the difference between tarot and oracle cards?

    But unlike traditional tarot decks, which come in packs of 78, oracle decks can include any number of cards. What’s more, while tarot cards include a Major Arcana and a Minor Arcana arranged into suits, oracle decks don’t follow this structure. There are no rules, and the possibilities are endless.

    How do you clean your first tarot card?

    Here’s how to cleanse tarot cards in four easy steps

    1. Meditate. Simply take a minute to relax and clear your mind of any thoughts.
    2. Burn sage and pass each card through the smoke.
    3. Pack the cards up with bay leaves.
    4. And finally, put a crystal on top for protection.

    What does the blank angel card mean?

    The Blank card carries the message to Surrender control, have Faith that the universe is conspiring with me and not against me and that I can Trust myself to see what I need to do when the time comes.

    Can you read your own angel cards?

    Still your mind, hold the cards to your heart and ask the Angels to communicate clearly through the cards. When doing a Reading for yourself, simply ask your Angels to either answer your given question or to just tell you that which they want you to know by guiding you to choose the relevant cards

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    What do oracle cards tell you?

    The gorgeous oracle cards in this deck use goddesses from a diverse range of traditions to help you connect with feminine power. Regardless of gender, everyone carries both feminine and masculine energy, and this deck helps connect you to your intuition, emotions, and love.

    What to know before you start reading tarot cards?

  • Tarot cards are divided into two groups,the Minor Arcana and the Major Arcana.
  • While the Major Arcana cards (e.g.,The Lovers,The Tower) deal with big milestones,the Minor Arcana deal with day-to-day issues.
  • The Page,Knight,Queen,and King cards in the Minor Arcana are usually tied to people in your life.
  • How difficult is it to learn to read tarot cards?

    You don’t need to know the difference between a three-card and a Celtic cross spread to get the most out of a tarot card reading. All you need ARIES: KNIGHT OF PENTACLES You’re working hard, seeing results, and making plans to work harder still.

    What is tarot card reading and how does it work?

    Tarot readings help an individual comprehend what the person has to think about a specific circumstance. The Tarot Cards are a fantastic tool of inner wisdom and guidance, as Tarot readings tend to give a deep and profound knowledge of the past, present, and future events depending on the individual’s present situation at the time of reading.

    How to read tarot cards for Yourself, by yourself?

    – The deck is sacred. They should be respected as such. – Don’t stick to the guidebook. Card designers write guidebooks to interpretation. – The card’s imagery is important. There are times where the imagery means more to the interpretation than the words. – Keep positive while reading the cards. – Find your rhythm.

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