Tarot Geminis 2021?

For the 2021 Gemini Full Moon, this means that the Sun is aligned with the Galactic Centre which is also at 27 degrees of Sagittarius. This means that this Gemini Full Moon will be full of revelations and downloads. We will be able to more easily access Higher Consciousness.

What can you expect from your horoscope in 2021?

Overall, you can expect to spend lots of time in the spotlight in 2021 thanks to some self-affirming and influential eclipses happening in your 1st House of Self-image and your 7th House of Partnerships on May 26, June 10, and December 4.

What does 2021 have to do with relationships?

Relationships and your role in them are big themes for you in 2021, thanks to the world-rocking eclipses that activate your 1st House of Self and 7th House of Partnerships; in other words, your zones of “me” and “we.”

When is Mercury Retrograde in 2021?

In 2021, Mercury will be retrograde in the Gemini sign (from May 29 to June 22), so we are talking about a season dedicated to reflection; the analysis of the environment; cultivate positive communication, and stay away from backbiting and misinformation.

What does the annular eclipse of the Sun in Gemini mean?

The fact that the annular eclipse of the Sun in Gemini occurs during the retrogradation of the communication planet in the sign of the twins (06/10), suggests that, despite the fact that the native will be impatient to take decisive action, they must gather patience and study the situation in depth before deciding. Advice: Tranquility. Trust.

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