Horoscopo Elle Piscis?

Las relaciones familiares no son fáciles, sobre todo si sigues empeñándote en tener siempre razón y en que los demás se adapten a tus circunstancias. Bájate del escalón desde el que observas la realidad y aprende a practicar eso que llaman ’empatía’.

What is the weekly horoscope for Pisces?

Pisces Weekly Horoscope. You and a partner might have mutual feelings, but you need more than chemistry to hold you in thrall. As the driven Sun blazes through precise Virgo and your relationship sector for the next couple weeks, you’d like to get SOME kind of clarity about the state of this union.

When does Pisces season start?

Pisces season begins on February 18 On February 18, the Sun starts its monthlong visit to Pisces, waking you up from hibernation a month before spring officially begins. Prepare to get pumped about a personal mission or passion project.

How do you reconcile with a Pisces man?

But no need to work yourself into a lather, Pisces. Reviewing expenses can stir up stress, so make this a calming ritual. Light a scented candle, put on something that feels “Old Hollywood dressing room,” pull an angel card, then get to reconciling.

When is El Sol in Pisces season?

With el Sol in this zone of endings and transitions, it’s the ideal space to wrap up loose ends and clear the slate before Pisces season and your next trip around the Sun! On February 4, the Sun makes its once-a-year meetup with structured, pragmatic Saturn.

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